John (Johnny) Nelson

Celebrating Fathers! Say HI to a special guy that has been a great friend to us over the years! He is a Dad to Nora whom was highlighted as one of our Seniors. Read below to see what inspires John, (Johnny to us), as a Dad!

Q. What do you love most about being a Dad?

The satisfaction of seeing something you taught your child come to life right before your eyes.

Q. What inspires you as a Dad?

The personal talks I can share with my daughter.  Being part of the good times and the bad. Being the one she reaches out to for advice. I love being a girl dad! Nora certainly is my greatest joy in life. God blessed me big!

Q. What is one of your BEST memories of being a Dad?

The greatest moment was holding my daughter for the first time right after she was born. My wife had a few complications that needed to be taken care of so the Papa Bear in me took over. I got to introduce her to her grandparents for the first time and when her grandma asked what her name was, and I replied Nora Grace (which Nora was her Grandma’s mom’s name….so much joy in that moment!) There are just so many moments to list and I  have so many favorites. I am so proud of her. I look forward to all that is to come in her future!

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